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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of a company’s obligations towards society, but the term social responsibility means different things to different people.


Often, corporate social responsibility is seen as the obligation to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole as well as organizational interests, even though these actions may or may not be related to the company’s mission.

At Pangeanic, we believe that supporting socially-responsible and humanitarian activities is a corporate must, because business is a subset of society and it exerts a significant impact on it. Therefore, there is a responsibility to help society and the world improve. Since society asks no more and no less of any of its members, business cannot be exempt from such responsibility. As we are working to help the world communicate and understand better, we feel it is our duty, even in a small scale, to help.

We believe that supporting socially-responsible and humanitarian activities is a corporate must

Direct action and sponsorship are the main areas of Pangeanic’s socially responsible behaviour. The company has provided funding for education in Cameroon’s most Northern and deprived area with fieldwork by volunteers and built a library/classroom via the Malima Project organization. It also makes an ongoing call for funding which started during the 2012 campaign, details of which can be found in our blog. The organization is small, with no salaries and all funds go directly to volunteers. We have also donated computer hardware to local schools and to improve heating. Pangeanic is also a sponsor of the Translators Without Borders initiative to provide access to information to deprived communities.