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Fast Translation Service

In many cases, a fast translation service is not easy to obtain from top translation companies – but you need a fast translation service for documents to be presented in 24-48 hours

Don’t panic: if you need a fast translation service, Pangeanic can turn your documents around in hours or even one day into the world’s most popular languages thanks to its massive pool of more than 3,000 registered professional translators. Our custom-built machine translation technologies are also available if you need to translate documents for information purposes, and integrate machine translation to translate Big Data, or massive amounts of data.

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For gisting or information purposes
Machine Translation & Post-editing
Fast, simple, economical

A professional, trustworthy and reliable fast translation service: an expert translator will turn the original into his/her native language and thoroughly check it before handing the work over to a Project Manager for the final quality check and approval. This fast translation level of service is in accordance with the ISO9001 standard.

A fast translation service is required when

  • you need a document urgently and, no matter what size, you need the translation in 24 – 48 hours or less;
  • you just need to quickly find out what one document is about;
  • you need a very urgent translation;
  • you need technology to translate thousands of words quickly (Big Data) to be processed later
  • you are assured a quality translation check but still want to order an additional proofreading… because two heads are always better than one!

Find out more about our different translation levels and a lot more information in our FAQ section. Pangeanic provides complete, professional fast translation services in more than 100 language pairs. Our services include Document Translation, Website Translations, Multilingual Desktop Publishing in European languages, Asian languages, Arabic and Hebrew, Voice-overs, Software Translations, Medical Translations, Legal Translations, Marketing Translations and Translation of Business News, as well as Video Captioning and Subtitling, and Linguistic Name Evaluation. Pangeanic’s Translation Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all of our clients can access a private client portal to upload, download data and obtain business intelligence and reports – from quotations to past invoices and even translation metrics. A translation project quotation for any language required is always free. It does not matter how complicated it is – even for very fast translation services.

We service more than 100 language combinations, so it does not matter if your document is in English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew! There are more than 3,000 professional translators and 20 years of experience behind our work.

Pangeanic’s team comprises professionals with a long career in translation management, translation sales, machine translation, etc.

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